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2024 Winter Basketball League:  Basketball

Winter 2024
Jan 14 ’24
Mar 31 ’24

360btg Basketball League Details


10 Sessions (1.5 Hours Each)

Sundays: January 14th – March 31, 2024

*Dates, Times & Location Subject to Change, any changes will be communicated by email*


Maxwell Heights Secondary School

(1100 Coldstream Dr, Oshawa, ON L1K 0N1)

*Dates, Times & Location Subject to Change, any changes will be communicated by email*

Times: Each Session is 1.5 Hours

Minor (Ages 7-9) from 2:00pm-3:30pm

Junior 1 (Ages 10-12) from 2:00 - 3:30pm

Junior 2 (Ages 11-13) from 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Senior (Ages 14-17) from 5:00pm – 6:30pm

*Dates, Times & Location Subject to Change, any changes will be communicated by email*


$265 Registration Fee

$25 Reversible Jersey (If Required)

*Every player is required to have a reversible jersey, once purchased the same jersey can be used for multiple session until child outgrows it and a new one needs to be purchased*

Financial Assistance

Please review the information below on how to apply for financial assistance.

Registration Information

All players must be registered by completing the online registration process, including completing payment portion (e-transfer does not require administrative fee, but must be sent within 3 days of registering).

Please ensure you have reviewed all the information below before registering: Refund/Cancellation Policy, Film/Photography Policy, Updated Waiver and Sickness/Covid-19 Policies.

Total Registration Fee (jersey not included): $265

Payment Options


Password (if needed): basketball

Registration Fee: $265

Jersey Fee (if needed $25)

When completing registration during the payment portion of the registration, scroll below the credit card information and look for writing in blue with the option to click SKIP/PAY LATER.

Once you have completed this, the payment portion must be received within 3 days, the spot will not be reserved unless this portion is completed within the timeframe. If you have any questions, please call/text 289-388-0328.

Credit Card Payment

(Processing Fee Applied $13.15/registration)

This is completed within the registration process. There is a $13.50 processing fee for payment.

Financial Assistance Funding

Full details on how and where to apply are provided below. If you are applying for financial funding (i.e. JumpStart or Their Opportunity), please follow instructions below for completing registration.

Mandatory League Reversible Jersey

All players must purchase a $25 league reversible jersey. This jersey is used for league games and can also be used for all future 360btg basketball league registered programs.

If you require a new jersey or returning to the program (but have outgrown your original), then please keep in mind that league jerseys can be purchased at your first session (via cash or e-transfer); or during your e-transfer registration payment by adding the $25 to your registration payment ($290 total). Your newly purchased jersey can be picked up at your first league game.

Financial Assistance Programs

The following organizations offer very supportive and user friendly financial assistance programs. We recommend you apply early and ensure there is time for processing and approval. Information needed for most applications:

Program: 360btg

Cost: $265 ($290 if needing a jersey)

Mailing Address: PO Box 27007, Oshawa ON L1G 0A3

Program Coordinator: Rebecca Salim

Please follow steps for

  • Trevor Barton Foundation:
  • 360btg Assistance: If a family is unsuccessful in acquiring financial assistance from these other organizations listed above, then please reach out to for support.

Registration Process for Player Applying for Financial Assistance

1. Register online at for the program.

2. In the payment step of the registration process, scroll below the credit card payment and click the tab in blue that reads Skip/Pay Later. Once you click this button, your registration process will be processed (approval sent) but registration process not yet fully complete.

3. Apply for financial subsidy through through the organizations listed above. Please keep in mind that your funding request may take time to be processed and approved (or your application may be declined. Please use the following mailing address during application to ensure the cheque is sent to us directly: 360btg, PO BOX 27007, Oshawa, ON L1G 0A3.

4. Email to inform the administrator that you have applied for funding and received a confirmation of application. Your message to the 360btg administrator should also include both subsidy programs application confirmation numbers (if provided)

5. Ensure you send a follow up email (to once you have received notification of your subsidy approval.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

A written request to withdraw from a program must be sent by email to two weeks prior to the program start date. All refunds include a $40 administration fee. However, if you register within the two-week period (before start of league), there will be no refunds available (save extraordinary circumstance). Thera are no refunds available once the program has officially started.

Film/Photography Policy During League Sessions

During the league sessions, photos and videos cannot be taken during warm ups, drills and coaching talks. You may take pictures and/or videos of your child or children while they are playing in the game. However, to protect the privacy of our players, volunteers and coaches, any pictures taken during games cannot be used for commercial purposes nor shared publically (i.e. social media platforms). Any violation of this policy will result in a warning, while a second violation will result in a removal from league.

360btg Basketball Camps & Leagues Waiver and Release of Liability

By clicking the accept button during registration, you are signing in agreement with this Waiver & Release of Liability

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCEPTING. Completed waivers must be signed and returned with registration or prior to first attending any of the 360btg events (collectively an "Event") including any event related to the sport of basketball, practices, training, games, on-court or off-court events, programs and/or activities organized, operated, conducted or sanctioned by the Organizer (360btg o/b 1198021 Ontario Ltd.). This waiver applies to each Event whether occurring in the near or distant future, and each of the Participant and the Participant's Guardian agrees that the terms of this waiver need not be brought to the attention of the Participant or the Participant's Guardian each time the Participant participates in an event in order for it to be effective.

In addition, by signing below the Participant or the Participant's Guardian understands, acknowledges and assumes the inherent risks in participating in the Event, including, but not limited to: the potential for bodily injury or illness (including contraction of COVID-19); contact or interaction with others who may have been exposed to COVID-19; permanent disability, paralysis, or loss of life; collision with natural or manmade objects; dangers arising from adverse weather conditions; imperfect venue or field of play conditions; equipment failure; participants of varying skill levels; inadequate safety measures; circumstances known, unknown or beyond the control of the Organizer (360btg o/b 1198021 Ontario Ltd.), its partners, sponsors, agents, affiliates, directors, employees, officer, therapists, or volunteers (together, the "Organization"); negligence or omission of the Organization (collectively, the "Risks").

In consideration for allowing the Participant to participate in the Event, the person signing below (the Participant or the Participant's Guardian): (a) releases, discharges, indemnifies and forever holds harmless the Organization (360btg o/b 1198021 Ontario Ltd.) from any and all liability for damages or loss arising as a result of the Risks of participation in or in connection with the Event; (b) waives any right to sue the Organization (360btg o/b 1198021 Ontario Ltd.) in respect of all causes of action (including for injuries or illness caused by their own negligence), claims, demands, damages or losses of any kind that may arise as a result of the Risks of participation in or in connection with the Event, including without limitation the right to make a third party claim or claim over against the Organization (360btg o/b 1198021 Ontario Ltd.) arising from the same; and (c) freely assumes all risks associated with the Risks, anything incidental to the Risks, which may arise as a result of participation in or in connection with the Event. YOU ARE GIVING UP LEGAL RIGHTS TO ANY AND ALL FUTURE CLAIMS AGAINST THE ORGANIZATION (360btg o/b 1198021 Ontario Ltd.).

In our 360btg (previously 360ydc) house leagues (i.e., basketball and soccer), parents or guardians of children 12 years of age and under must be present during the league participation. If parents or guardians of children 12 years of age and under are unable to stay during their child's 360btg (previously 360ydc) basketball or soccer house leagues participation, they must notify the 360btg (previously 360ydc) staff in writing; so, to receive confirmation or approval from the 360btg (previously 360ydc) staff who will make arrangements to supervise the child during the parent's absence.

I hereby authorize 360btg (previously 360ydc) to use testimonial, photos or video excerpts of the participants which may appear on the website, program brochure and/or other advertising and promotional materials.

COVID-19 Waiver & Policies

By registering your child or children and attending 360btg (previously 360ydc) , you accept and voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, and the 360btg (previously 360ydc) disclaims any and all related liability. You understand that although health and safety measures are in place to protect players, spectators, volunteers and coaches, there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place where people are, or have been present. By registering and participating in 360btg (previously 360ydc) , participants and spectators, accept and voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, and 360btg (previously 360ydc) disclaims any and all related liability.

360btg (previously 360ydc) will be following the Regional Municipality of Durham's Health Department Guidelines for direction with respect to COVID-19 protocols. As such, by registering your child or children in any 360btg (previously 360ydc) Soccer program and/or event, you agree to abide by these COVID-19 protocols.

Should the Provincial or Regional Health Authorities make changes to their public health guidelines, we will also follow these guidelines and expect all players and spectators to adhere to these guidelines. In addition to public health directions, we will also follow any additional guidelines as required by the facilities in which the leagues and/or camps are operating. Due to the changing nature of these guidelines, 360btg (previously 360ydc) will send an email prior to the first day of programs (and throughout the program) outlining the COVID-19 expectations and guidelines in which player and spectators must abide.

Any violation of these COVID-19 guidelines will result in a warning, a second violation will result in a removal from the 360btg (previously 360ydc) programming.

If public health guidelines require additional measures such as vaccination, masking and/or capacity limits, then 360btg (previously 360ydc) programming will implement these guidelines. By accepting this waiver, you understand and will abide by these expectations. There are no refunds awarded for those participants who decided they no longer wish to participate due to these updated public health measures/guidelines.

Should the 360btg (previously 360ydc) program be cancelled due to a COVID-19 outbreak (i.e. head coaches are unable to participate due to COVID-19 infection) and/or the cancellation of indoor gatherings by public health authorities, 360btg (previously 360ydc) will not offer refunds for missed programming.

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